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 CSE History - 2000-2001
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Spring 2001

Under the Big Top

May 25th, 2001. Yes, it was a circus! The CSE Year-end party was complete with cotton candy, popcorn, a clown, and a lion tamer.

PoCSi433 '01

May 18th, 2001. This week we are proud to announce that TGIF will be held in conjunction with the PoCSi433'01 (Phenomena of Computer Science in 433) conference.

Bike ride & picnic at Golden Gardens park

March 31st, 2001. Topping off prospective visit day #2, an 8-mile bike ride to Golden Gardens park and a picnic with dozens of other prospective and current grads.

TGIF celebrating the Egg

April 13th, 2001. Caught between Easter and Passover, this TGIF celebrates the variety of dishes that could be made without grains. Special focus is put on the egg, both for its use as a binding agent and its use as a paintable oblate spheroid.

Winter 2001

TGIF Breakfast

March 2nd, 2001. It can be rough struggling out of bed early enough to catch the bus in to Sieg in time to get (ALL THE WAY) up the stairs to get to TGIF before all the food is gone.

If only Fridays were like every other weekday, and you could sleep in!

Well, if you have trouble prying your eyelids open before 2PM, this week's TGIF is for you! TGIF will feature breakfast foods and breakfasty combat all sponsored by BeComm (a company with a name that sounds surprisingly like "breakfast" when contrasted with "lunch" or "dinner").

Fire and Ice TGIF

January 19th, 2001. Does research have you vacillating between hot and cold? Does your body become confused at the temperature differences between inside and outside 322? Come and celebrate the piquant differences between food that makes you hot and food that cools you off. Sponsored by BeComm, Inc.

Autumn 2000

Holiday Party

December 1st, 2000. Another annual event for the CSE department, the Holiday Party happens at the end of Autumn quarter. This year, the party was held at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

Pit Party

September 30th, 2000. The Pit Party is an annual event to welcome the first-year graduate students into the CSE department at the University of Washington. The year 2000 Pit Party was held at the Seattle Aquarium.


September 29th, 2000. Frankye Jones, the UW CSE department's beloved graduate student advisor, changed jobs at the start of Autumn quarter 2000, after many, many years of service to the department. In honor of Frankye, the graduate students dedicated the first TGIF of the quarter to her, and presented her with gifts and adoration for all she has done for them.

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