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 The Breakfast TGIF
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The Breakfast TGIF

March 2, 2001

It can be rough struggling out of bed early enough to catch the bus in to Sieg in time to get (ALL THE WAY) up the stairs to get to TGIF before all the food is gone.

If only Fridays were like every other weekday, and you could sleep in!

Well, if you have trouble prying your eyelids open before 2PM, this week's TGIF is for you! TGIF will feature breakfast foods and breakfasty combat all sponsored by BeComm (a company with a name that sounds surprisingly like "breakfast" when contrasted with "lunch" or "dinner"). Thanks to BeComm's sponsorship, admission is free and we'll have prizes (for the breakfasty combat, silly! creative pancake creation and flipping for height). In keeping with the late rising theme, TGIF will also start a few minutes later than usual at 4:45PM (ah.. 15 extra minutes of sleep!).

Enjoy pancakes, waffles, bagels, doughnuts, sugary cereals that will leave you wondering who thought those colors would be appetizing, potato products (ah! potato(e?)s.. nature's wonderfood!), etc. Plus, orange juice, milk, and other exciting beverages.

So, if you can't understand why some places only serve breakfast during certain hours.. if you can't get enough starch in your diet.. if you truly believe that syrup makes everything better.. if the question "waffle cone or sugar cone?" irritates you with it's simplicity but not because it's a sentence fragment.. if you know where my train of thought is, good! Because I've lost it.

  The TGIF Breakfast Club
  Sieg 428

P.S. Do you have my train of thought? I could really use it. I have a thesis to write at some point.

P.P.S. In honor of the earthquake, we'll also call this the "Sieg is still standing? Oh well." TGIF.

P.P.P.S. Have an electric griddle or portable (deep) frying unit? Great! Could we borrow that? We promise we'll give it back to you unharmed assuming Sieg isn't struck by a 7.5 during TGIF.

Shortly after the TGIF:


1st Prize For highest flip - Alex Mohr

2nd Prize For most creative pancake design - Bill Pentney (Jax von Jevon standing in for the absent Mr. Pentney)

3rd Prize For runner-up creative pancake design - Jayant Madhavan

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