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 Fire and Ice TGIF
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Fire and Ice TGIF

January 19, 2001

Does research have you vacillating between hot and cold? Does your body become confused at the temperature differences between inside and outside 322? Come and celebrate the piquant differences between food that makes you hot and food that cools you off. We'll have the best of both worlds with cool Marble Slab style ice cream (choose your mix-ins!), steaming cheese fondue, cold milk shakes, hot chocolate, and more.

BeComm and our own Marc "Fire"zynski are sponsoring, so come and enjoy the bounty of their efforts with food, a contest with prizes, and the answer to that burning question: what happens when fire and ice meet?

224 Sieg

Shortly after the TGIF:


1st Prize (Lego buggy) - Don Patterson, for the "Rubik's cube" abstract

2nd Prize (Polaroid one-use camera) - Isaac Kunen, for the stair-step abstract

3rd Prize (The magic "I'm not a magic eight ball" basketball) - Rachel Pottinger, "UW"

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