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 CSE Holiday Party - December 2, 2005
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CSE Holiday PartyDecember 2, 2005

Student Skit Video

Student Skit

WMV - 350 MB

Video of the graduate student skit including never-before-heard audio effects

Faculty Skit Video

Faculty Skit

WMV - 250 MB

The faculty presents "Charlie and the Software Factory"

Staff Skit Video

Staff Skit

WMV - 160 MB

Episode 1 of "The Staff Eye for the CSE Guy (or Girl)"

First Years' Beard Contest Video

First Years' Beard Contest

WMV - 150 MB

David Notkin hosts the first ever First Years' Beard Contest

CSE Band Video

CSE Band

WMV - 216 MB

The CSE Band performs holiday classics (and not so classics)

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