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 CSE History 2005-2006
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CSE History 2005-2006

Pumpkin Carving TGIFOctober 28, 2005

Pumpkin Photos

Pumpkin Photos

40 photos

Photographs of the annual CSE pumpkin carving TGIF including the finished products

CSE Holiday PartyDecember 2, 2005

Student Skit Video

Student Skit

WMV - 350 MB

Video of the graduate student skit including never-before-heard audio effects

Faculty Skit Video

Faculty Skit

WMV - 250 MB

The faculty presents "Charlie and the Software Factory"

Staff Skit Video

Staff Skit

WMV - 160 MB

Episode 1 of "The Staff Eye for the CSE Guy (or Girl)"

First Years' Beard Contest Video

First Years' Beard Contest

WMV - 150 MB

David Notkin hosts the first ever First Years' Beard Contest

CSE Band Video

CSE Band

WMV - 216 MB

The CSE Band performs holiday classics (and not so classics)

PoCSci 2006April 7, 2006

PoCSci 2006 Photos

PoCSci 2006 Photos

14 photos

Photographs of the annual PoCSci TGIF - Where grad students present Potentially Computer Science research.

Food Olympics TGIFApril 21, 2006

Food Olympics Video

Food Olympics Video

WMV - 300 MB

Watch grad students compete in eating contests

Procrastinex TGIFApril 28, 2006

Procrastinex Video

Procrastinex Video

WMV - 44 MB

Gnu Grads in collaboration with Phony Pharmaceuticals and Extremely Quick Productions present the launch commercial for Procrastinex - a revolutionary anti-procrastination drug

NotkinFestMay 11, 2006

NotkinFest Photos

NotkinFest Photos

37 photos

Photographs from NotkinFest - Celebrating David Notkin's tenure as Chair of CSE

Student Video

Student Video

WMV - 38 MB

Students' "tribute" to David Notkin.

Staff Video

Staff Video

ASX Video Stream

Staff "tribute" to David Notkin.

Video of Speeches

NotkinFest Speeches

WMV - 250 MB

Video of speeches and presentations at NotkinFest

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