PoCSci 2015

These are the video proceedings of the 15th(ish) annual(ish) Potentially Computer Science Conference (PoCSci'15), chaired By Irene Zhang and Brandon Holt. Thank you to everyone who presented (randomly-generated slides or otherwise).

Note: These YouTube videos are publicly accessible but unlisted so won't show up in searches.

Conference Introduction and Test of Time Award

Congratulations again to Doug Zonker for his work, titled Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken, which has really defined the entire subfield encompassed by PoCSci.

Keynote by Jeremy Stribling

Byzantine Fault Tolerance - Alex Mariakakis

RISC-E - Amrita Mazumdar

How much log could a polylog log if a polylog could log log? - Kira Goldner

The Last Deep Learning Algorithm You'll Ever Need - Daniel Gordon

Fault Tolerance in Multi-Advisor Systems - Eric Mullen

Baby steps towards a new paradigm in intelligent systems - Doug Woos

Slide Karaoke