Men of Sieg Hall 2000
Commentary from the fourth floor women's restroom

Mr. August (Sean Sandys) is the best! Mr. November (Craig Kaplan) is also cool.

Mr. January gets my vote!

Am I in the right building???

Where's Boriello?

Really well done!

These guys are all hot!!

Months that start with J___

Mr. December really toots my horn!
  • ditto, what a sweetie

Put these guys on my most wanted list. yeowh

Can we see Zahorjan on next years?
  • yeah!
  • naked please
  • we get requests???
    • Gaetano
    • Paul Beame
    • Jeremy Baer
    • Corey
    • Tjaden naked
    • Stefan (any Stefan will do)
    • Dan Weld!!
    • Martin Tompa

Wow. What else can I say.

who's doing the next men of sieg?

Boy that Mr. February (James) really revs my engine
-UW CSE student

Now I can place a face to the name. It's great to know CSE students are into more than computers.

u hotties

I'll never look @ Mike Ernst the same way again. Good Lord!

roses are red
violets are not
mister november
is hot, hot, hot!

Love it!
-where's 1999's calendar

They are all sexy confident men who deserve many thanks!!!

And they say women aren't visual...yeah, whatever
-the latte girl

Mr. September's so hot I want to marry him and have his children!

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